27 November 2012

Bows and boots

Topshop hat, shirt from some store on Melrose, Nordstrom shorts, Doc Martens boots - similar: Dr. Martens Pascal 8-Eye Boot Boots (Grey) - Women's Boots - 6.0 OT (Google Affiliate Ad)

I thought I used to be able to make those affiliate links more discrete? Obviously I don't have the hang of those yet.
These boots are the best for clunking around in. Makes me feel like the 90s are back except less bright and more tasteful.. which is good, I think.. I used to have similar shoes in the 5th grade and I used them to kick boys that made me mad. I accidentally kicked one in the nads once. He didn't dare mess with me after that!

Pico de Gallo Chicken

It was either a craving for pico de gallo or the carne asada burrito I had for lunch that was my inspiration for pico de gallo chicken. I recently started cooking with raw meat (the texture and germs freak me out). This feat requires the use of gloves, minimization of cross-contamination, and lots of hand-washing.. I know, I'm kind of nuts that way.
I didn't use any measurements for this since I conceptualized and threw it together.. But for your convenience, I'll think one up as follows:

3-4 skinless chicken breasts (I like to buy a lot and freeze them in order to use as needed)
1/3 cup tomato, diced
1/4 cup onions, diced
A couple sprigs of cilantro, chopped
Salt and pepper, season to taste
2 tbsp spicy salsa (I used the red salsa from my burrito!)
1 tbsp Tapatio sauce
1/2 a lime

Preheat oven to 350 F.
Marinate the chicken breasts with the salt and pepper, salsa, Tapatio, and lime. This time I only kept the chicken in the marinade for about 30-60 minutes. Usually I prefer overnight for the flavors to really seep in, but it worked out fine. Bake in a covered glass dish for 15 minutes (I find this helps maintain the juices). Make sure the chicken is cooked through - by thermometer (internal temp should be 165 F) or with a knife to see the middle (this is probably more reliable).
While the chicken is baking, dice the onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. Sauté on medium heat in a vege-oiled pan.. Start with the onions since they take a little longer. Add tomatoes. Cilantro can be added after so it won't wither. Once the chicken is finished, pour the sauteed pico de gallo on top and enjoy!

14 November 2012


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Topshop top and shoes, Zara pants and belt, F21 ring

Love the 1970s vibe to these sunglasses and the cut outs on these shoes! I wish I would have bought a 2nd pair just as a backup. This outfit is comfortable and gets lots of compliments :]

Anyway, I finally assembled my Z Gallerie bed frame and my mattress was delivered today so tonight is my first time in it! It's an odd feeling this upgrade. It's been way too long since I've had a good night's rest - the last time was in 2005, I remember it vividly. Still waiting to find the right bedding so it can all come together. Happy sleeping everyone!